What We Do

Column6 is Building & Developing the Best Products Available

The most skilled CTV sales experts. The most experienced technical developers in the industry. Over the years, that’s the team Column6 has accumulated. From this group of people, the result has been the most comprehensive and innovative platform available for both publishers and advertisers. Publishers are provided efficient inventory management without the middleman, and advertisers are provided direct access to publisher inventory without having to pay media fees. It’s a win-win across the board.


A Comprehensive Look at The Column6 Platform

Campaign Management

Column6 has built an assortment of ad delivery tools – from pacing, identity, and pod management to IVT filtering – all with the purpose of bringing transparency to the advertisers.

Ad Podding

Giving publishers the ability to set up ad pods with functionality like ad sequencing, competitive separation, and deduplication.

Unified Auction

Streamlining demand sources into a single request, allowing managed demand to compete against programmatic demand.

White Label & Customized Platform

Built for publishers in need of a self-serve option. Customized colors, logos and domains for a seamless brand integration. Includes out-of-the-box DSP integrations, ad serving and real-time analytics.

Inventory Routing

Built for channel operators, VMPDs and content creators. Designed to accurately and easily allocate inventory to multiple platforms for monetization.

Audience Management

1st- and 3rd-party targeting and measurement integrations guarantee the right audience is reached at all times.


Helping manage, sell and optimize available inventory on websites and mobile apps in an automated and efficient way.

Real-time Analytics

Cloud-based Analytics allows for nimble, fast and accurate decision making, leading to highly optimized campaign delivery and ensuring successful KPIs. All reporting is customizable and can be delivered on a schedule.

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What Can You Expect of Column6?

The Best Tech Available

  • Real-time analytics
  • 24-hour access to everything you need
  • Better measurement tools
  • Modern CTV spec support

Hands-on Service

  • Customized plans, managed by us
  • Leverage 1st- and 3rd-party data
  • DMA/ZIP Code targeting
  • Focus on consistent volume

Unified Auction

  • Force your buyers to compete for the highest price
  • Support for performance clients
  • Run managed service campaigns at fixed prices
  • Support for interactive CTV formats
  • Targeting: DMA/ZIP, 1st- and 3rd-party data
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