DigitalReef Acquires Connected TV Advertising Management Platform Column6

DigitalReef Acquires Connected TV Advertising Management Platform Column6

Column6 offers a comprehensive set
of inventory and monetization tools for CTV apps.

We provide purpose-built technology and white-labeled ownership, to promote better transparency into transactions and value.

C6 Products & Capabilities:

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Video Ad Server

CTV ad delivery tools including pacing, identity, pod management, IVT filtering and unified auction

Supply-Side Platform
Programmatic auction setup, management and optimization
CTV Exchange

CTV-specific marketplace that brings buyers and sellers closer together

Real-Time Analytics

Comprehensive reporting for optimization, billing and troubleshooting

Audience Management

Advanced CTV-specific 1st and 3rd Party audience targeting and 3rd party measurement

Demand Integrations

Integrations with 20+ programmatic partners to supplement direct sold efforts

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12 June

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We Couldn’t Find a Marketplace Tailored to Connected TV, So We Built One.

Purpose-built Exchange

Connected TV is a unique space with its own strengths and challenges. Rather than retrofitting existing infrastructure, we built our platform specifically for transacting CTV.

Improved Buying & Selling

Our platform brings supply and demand closer together through better transparency and more optimized paths, helping eliminate waste for both sides.

Solution-Oriented Products & Team

We provide a platform and tools that address specific CTV needs, and it’s all built by an experienced team that knows the ins and outs of the format.


We focus on business and technology relationships that further improve our CTV capabilities and offering.