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Successful Partnerships

Column6 is an important part of how we run successful CTV campaigns for our clients. Their quality inventory, responsive service, and technical reliability have made them a big part of our overall CTV supply strategy.

When it comes to unique ConnectedTV supply, Column6 is a valued partner who brings high-quality, varied publishers to our advertisers. C6 has been a core partner for our CTV strategy, and we enjoy working with their responsive team.

Ever since we launched PlutoTV in LATAM and Brazil, we’ve been partners with Column6. They have been a constant partner, helping us find ways to improve our services and solutions to keep growing in revenue.

Our Platform

Column6 owns and operates a full product offering that gives advertisers direct access to publisher inventory without having to pay media fees. No intermediaries means you can seamlessly and more affordably align the right consumer to the right content at the right time.

Explore Our Platform
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Column6 Products & Capabilities

Column6 built a one-of-a-kind platform to solve two unnecessarily common problems: 1) Reaching unique audiences at scale; 2) Doing so on quality CTV inventory. The Column6 differentiator is that the platform focuses on products for publishers, which brings buyers and sellers closer together. This makes for happier publishers and better prices for advertisers – among many other things.

Full Campaign Management

Column6 has built an assortment of ad delivery tools – from pacing, identity, and pod management to IVT filtering, all with the purpose of bringing transparency to the advertisers.

Supply Path Optimization

Column6 has built the best SSP for publishers to manage inventory. Shortening the distance between buyers and sellers creates economical and operational efficiency for advertisers.

CTV Programmatic Exchange

Buyers can access Column6 publishers programmatically via PMPs, guaranteed deals, or the open exchange, providing a full sense of transparency and control in one.

Real-time Analytics

Cloud-based Analytics allows for nimble, fast and accurate decision making, leading to highly optimized campaign delivery and ensuring successful KPIs. All reporting is customizable and can be delivered on a schedule.

Audience Management

1st- and 3rd-party targeting and measurement integrations guarantee the right audience is reached at all times.

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Partner With Column6


Built for Publishers, Optimized for Advertisers

It’s no secret that Column6 was built with the publisher in mind. However, advertisers get to experience all the same benefits because, when publishers are happy, advertisers get unhindered access to top-quality inventory. Plus, at Column6, that also comes with top-quality service from start to finish.


Faster, More Nimble

The Column6 team is made up of the most skilled sales and tech veterans in the industry, which means there’s no relying on third-party technologies to power any part of the platform. It’s all conveniently under one roof, working seamlessly to create the best experience for advertisers and their potential customers. The outcome is operational agility, faster decision making, and no reliance on other people to deliver a campaign.


Promise of Transparency and Communication

Advertisers love working with the Column6 team because it is built to help customers succeed. To measure that success takes consistent updates regarding campaign performances, as well as optimizations throughout. This communication feedback loop is not only a specialty of Column6, it’s also vital to a successful campaign.


We Offer Start-to-end Communication

There’s no place for ghosting in the business world. That’s why we’ve set it up so that our entire team works together, so you’re getting seamless customer service from start to finish. And we know how media works; you need to buy now, not next week. So we always respond within 24 hours.

  • Reporting & Optimizations (Delivery, Quality, Pacing)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Detailed QBRs, Wrap Report, Customized Next Steps

More Column6 Partnerships + Marketplace

With a solid focus on business and technology relationships that will further improve our CTV/OTT capabilities and offerings, the Column6 portfolio continues to grow and impress.


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