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Successful Partnerships

Ever since we launched PlutoTV in LATAM and Brazil, we’ve been partners with Column6. They have been a constant partner, helping us find ways to improve our services and solutions to keep growing in revenue.

Pixalate powers pre-bid ad fraud filtering and post-bid analysis across Column6’s CTV inventory, and we commend their commitment to improving trust in the CTV ad marketplace.

Column6 has been a joy to work with. We were just starting out and they offered us competitive pricing, great support and a great product that is currently the backbone of our ad business. I would heartily recommend them.

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Column6 Products & Capabilities

The Column6 products are designed and developed by an in-house team of skilled sales and tech veterans, building the most comprehensive CTV-specific tech in the industry – all to ensure publishers have absolutely everything they need from one platform.

White Label and Customized Platform

Built for publishers in need of a self-serve option. Customized colors, logos and domains for a seamless brand integration. Includes out-of-the-box DSP integrations, ad serving and real-time analytics.

Inventory Routing

Built for channel operators, VMPDs and content creators. Designed to accurately and easily allocate inventory to multiple platforms for monetization.

Unified Auction

Streamlining demand sources into a single response, allowing managed demand to compete against programmatic demand.

Ad Podding

Giving publishers the ability to set up ad pods with functionality like ad sequencing, competitive separation, and deduplication.

Our Platform

Column6 has built everything CTV publishers need for efficient inventory management. Publishers get a full ad server – including CTV unified auction capabilities, pod capabilities, direct access to RTB and DSP buyers, and much more – without the

Explore Our Platform
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Partner With Column6


Promise of Full Transparency

Only when a publisher is given full transparency can they determine true success. That’s why, unlike many other CTV inventory management and advertising delivery platforms in the industry, Column6 allows publishers full visibility into the transaction dynamics of every impression served.


Communication & Feedback

Advertisers love working with the Column6 team because it is built to help customers succeed.
To measure that success takes consistent updates regarding inventory performance, as well as optimizations throughout. This communication feedback loop is not only a specialty of Column6, it’s also vital to each publisher’s successful monetization.

  • Reporting & Optimizations (Delivery, Quality, Pacing)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Detailed QBRs, Wrap Report, Customized Next Steps

Faster, More Nimble

With a fully skilled tech team in-house, Column6 does not use any third-party technologies to power any part of the platform. This creates operational agility, faster decision making, and no reliance on other platforms to determine publisher success.

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