New York, April 2020 – Column6 and IMS Interned Media Services have established a partnership through which both organizations will be expanding programmatic Connected TV advertising opportunities throughout Latin America.

IMS Internet Media Services is a leading digital marketing and communications company that establishes partnerships with rapidly developing companies that seek to expand their offer worldwide. IMS helps brands reach new levels of attraction and grow globally through their unique ecosystem of business alliances, creative and content solutions, and media management and investment services.

Column6’s software will power ad serving and transactions for the new Connected TV exchange in Latin America, leveraging IMS’ demand and supply partners. This will further expand Column6’s footprint in the Latin America market while reinforcing two of its core efforts:

  1. Creating a marketplace specifically for Connected TV that will provide capabilities needed to increase performance in the medium and to maintain the high value of the inventory.
  2. Bringing LatAm buyers and sellers closer together by helping with the optimization of the supply route and facilitating direct connections.

“As the overall pace of Connected TV adoption and advertising continue to increase, we have been stressing the importance of CTV-specific capabilities and markets that highlight the value of the ad space” said Mark Yackanich, CEO of Column 6. “It’s great to have a partner like IMS that sees the same opportunity, and wants to ensure clients on both sides of the transactions are equipped with all the tools needed.”

With this partnership, the two companies continue to bet on the development of the industry with offers of more transparent CTV media and services, direct access to the opportunities, and improved reach to target audiences. Column6 complements IMS’s programmatic efforts by using its technology to improve the investment margins of the advertising brands in their campaigns.

“We are delighted to partner with Column6 to strengthen our programmatic sales advertising services in LATAM. Its incomparable experience and the technology allows us to provide high quality offers that our advertisers cannot ignore. At IMS we are sure that a genuine development of the industry is achievable with products and services that provide increasingly transparent and functional solutions to the objectives of the advertisers, ”said Bruno Libonatti, Partner and SVP of Media at IMS.

Advertisers, publishers, and apps can contact representatives at either company for more information about how to be a part of the growing exchange.

About IMS
IMS Internet Media Services (IMS), is a leading digital communications and marketing company which creates partnerships with rapidly developing businesses that seek to expand their markets. IMS helps advertiser brands reach new levels of attraction and grow through their exclusive ecosystem of commercial alliances, creative and content solutions, and media management and investment services. Leading organizations such as LinkedIn, Spotify, Foursquare, Twitter, Vevo, Twitch, EA Games, Yahoo, Snapchat and Waze have worked exclusively with IMS to strengthen their presence in Latin America, Europe and Asia. IMS has its headquarters in Miami and also has offices in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, India, Hong Kong, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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